Trip to Rome (2017)

Rome has got to be one of the best cities that I’ve visited and I’d love to go back there one day! We went in the September and it was really warm and sunny, we did tonnes of sight seeing and walking but still didn’t manage to see everything to city has to offer! MyContinue reading “Trip to Rome (2017)”


Trips to Padstow (Cornwall)

Ever since I was tiny, me and my family (and friends) have been on holidays to the town of Padstow, located in North Cornwall. It’s a gorgeous little fishing port and you may know it through it’s association with the chef Rick Stein. It’s one of my absolute favourite places to go, so I thoughtContinue reading “Trips to Padstow (Cornwall)”

Trip to Sherwood Pines

Last week (28/09/20) I went to Sherwood Pines and stayed in a log cabin, complete with a hot tub. It was such a lovely break and the forest setting was so relaxing, it really felt like the rest of the world didn’t matter for a while. I’d really recommend a stay in a log cabinContinue reading “Trip to Sherwood Pines”

Trip to the Cotswolds Lavender field.

This post will mainly consist of pictures of my trip to the Cotswolds Lavender field in July 2020. This was the first time I’d been to a lavender field and I’d definitely go again. If you plan on going yourself, you need to research Lavender fields near you as they are only open for aContinue reading “Trip to the Cotswolds Lavender field.”

Livraria Lello – the library that inspired J.K Rowling

When I visited Porto with my family last year we went to Livraria Lello and it was one of my favourite parts of the trip! Before we arrived in Portugal it was on our ‘to do list’ as we had seen pictures online and had been told it was a ‘must go spot’. The entrance/ticketContinue reading “Livraria Lello – the library that inspired J.K Rowling”