Review on ‘The Midnight Library’ by Matt Haig

I’ve just finished this book and it was honestly so beautiful. The way that Matt Haig writes this makes it so relatable, I think to most readers! It’s an easy read and I just couldn’t put it down. There are so many powerful quotes and messages scattered throughout this book, so much so that I think anyone struggling right now should give it a read.

There are fantastical elements to this book (unless you believe in things such as near death experiences), which aren’t normally my go to, but the way that the author uses them to discuss the ‘meaning of life’ is so clever and thoughtful. Nora Seed, the main character, is introduced as a ‘messy’ person who has completely given up with all aspects of life and who views herself as a failure. She takes the decision to end her life, and is transported to the ‘Midnight Library’.

In The Midnight Library, a space between life and death, Nora is forced to confront all of her regrets, which form one large and heavy book. She is able to alter the decisions that she regrets, which, in turn, alter the life she lives. Each life that she is transported to is hers, if she had made different decisions in her actual life. Some of the lives she experiences are good, some bad and many a bit of both. In each life she is able to learn and appreciate decisions that she has made, which really make you consider your own life.

The overall message, I think, that Haig portrays is that life is messy and humans make bad choices. This being said, every single life is messy and every single person makes bad choices, whether this be a millionaire rockstar or a volunteer at a charity. If we take time to appreciate all of the good that we do, all that everyone around us loves and appreciates us for, then we’ll slowly realise the differences that we do make, big or small. Our decisions change the way our lives pan out, but they also change other people’s lives too, people we all care about. Everyone matters and as much as there are negatives in life, there are also so many positives!

This is such a lovely book and is one I’ll definitely re-read!

Happy reading!

Meg x


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