William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

I studied Hamlet at University but have always had a love for Shakespeare since being very young and taking trips to Stratford Upon Avon with my grandparents as a child. I think Shakespeare scares a lot of people as the language can be complicated so readers are easy to give up and read something a little more understandable.

I think that once you spend a little more time understanding and reading Shakespeare, it becomes so much more easy to understand and some of the stories and poetry involved in his work is really impressive and admirable. A lot of written versions of his plays actually have modern day translations of certain words that allow the reader to really grasp what they are reading, these are super helpful!

Hamlet is a play that focuses upon the title character after the murder of his father. The ghost of Hamlet’s father visits him and demands that he avenge his murder by killing the new king, Hamlets uncle. Hamlet goes (or pretends to go) mad and plots his revenge. Whilst this is occurring, a love interest interprets Hamlets behaviour as strange and the entire plot ends in death, remorse and tragedy. Shakespeare’s tragedy’s all include a really high level of drama which makes them really interesting and page turning! Shakespeare’s tragedy’s are always exiting and full of lots of different plots (see my dissertation post for a bit more information!).

If you don’t feel up to reading a Shakespearean play just yet, there are so many different movie adaptations that really capture the plays well! The ‘Hamlet’ movie staring Mel Gibson is a really good example of a movie that translates the play really well into film. Other movies that are adaptations of Shakespeare plays include Romeo and Juliet and 10 things I Hate about You (loosely based on The Taming of the Shrew).

I’m hoping to write a bit more about different Shakespeare plays to try to promote the work of the playwright as I think it’s super overlooked! A good starting point would definitely be his tragedy’s as they are full of twists, turns and suspense and have all the drama!

Happy reading!

Meg x


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