Review of ‘Cold Wallet’ by Rosy Fenwicke

This is a direct submission via my Reedsy Discovery reviewer page. I love reading books from new and upcoming authors, being able to offer a little bit of support and feedback to authors is something that I’m always really pleased to do! I’ve discovered so many amazing books that I probably wouldn’t have come across before I began reviewing!

This book follows the story of the recently widowed Jess, who is attempting to grasp the new role that she has been given as owner of her deceased husbands company. With very little knowledge surrounding the area of cryptocurrency, Jess is forced to seek the help of Henry, her husbands best friend. Henry is publicly distrusting of Jess and is a ruthless and misogynistic figure, who Jess herself dislikes. After secrets about her past get released to the press and Jess begins to become disturbed by Henry’s behaviour, she realised that her only means of saving her life and reputation may exist in the ‘Cold Wallet’, an encrypted file that she can’t access or even knows the passwords for.

The way in which the author portrays the ruthless, masculine dominated world of cryptocurrency is fascinating and is one of the ways in which the author allows her reader to really root for the female protagonist. The realistic nature of the plot, both in terms of the modern world in which it is set and the types of characters that are portrayed, is something that I really enjoyed. I picked up on several feminist readings, which I always admire in literature. There are many ways in which the author forces the reader to decipher Henry’s motives, moving back and forth between different possible outcomes. 

I enjoyed reading this book, it was action packed from the start and I really connected with the main character. I’d recommended this book to anyone who is interested in business and the area of cryptocurrency, any feminist readers and, of course, lovers of the thriller genre.


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