Review of ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn

This is the second Gillian Flynn novel that I’ve read, and again, I absolutely loved it. Gillian Flynn is definitely the queen of plot twists! I love her style of writing, the ways in which she uses a non-linear timeline really make you want to read more, she can really draw her readers in. It’s a book that I’ve always wanted to read, I studied a part of the text in one of my modules at University which made me really intrigued to hear the whole story.

‘Gone Girl’ is a story about a missing woman, Amy Dunne and her husband’s, Nick, attempts to figure out what has happened to her. Throughout the book we hear both from Nick and Amy, the voice of Amy is presented through diary entries in comparison to Nick who is placed in the present, during the disappearance of his wife. By giving opinions of husband and wife, the author really psychoanalyses the marriage of the protagonists, which, in turn, means that the reader is able to do the same. This is what makes the book really interesting, did Nick have anything to do with Amy’s disappearance?

I’d actually seen the film before reading the book which I think spoiled my experience a little bit as I knew how it was going to end. However, I remember first watching the film and being shocked by the ending, which is a testament to the plot of the novel itself. I always think texts like this don’t translate well into films, similarly to The Girl On The Train, so I’d definitely recommend reading this even if you’ve seen the film! Gillian Flynn has written a number of books and they’re definitely on my list for future reads.

If you love a mystery novel with a twist then I’d definitely recommend the work of Gillian Flynn. This thriller novel, with its use of psychoanalysis, will probably always be popular amongst readers as it’s a type of book that always has been popular, and is definitely my favourite genre!

Happy reading!

Meg x

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