Review of ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ by Richard Osman

This was actually a Christmas present that my Dad had bought for my Mum, I read this straight after my Mum as she’d said how good it was! A murder mystery set in a retirement village, this novel is as witty and comical as it is mysterious and page turning! If you know of the author, Richard Osman from Pointless, you may be able to see his personality in his writing, that’s something that I picked up on and that I enjoyed.

The novel follows a group of four pensioners, who are all a part of an extra curricular club, The Thursday Murder Club. They meet every Thursday to discuss, and solve, cold cases that they have access to due to a previous member being a part of the Police. The club are overwhelmingly excited when they fall upon the chance to solve a murder that has just happened, that is linked to the retirement village that they live in. Each member has a unique personality and are each loveable as characters.

The fact that this novel portrays pensioners solving crimes is funny in itself and the characters have their own whims and ways of acting that make each of them comical, likeable but also taken seriously. The leader of the group, Elizabeth, in particular, is a character that has been really well formed and is by no means a push over. The partnership of the Police and the Thursday Murder Club is one that allows each party to bounce off the other and added, for me, a sense of admiration of the capabilities of the main characters. You can really imagine them as older people, in their mannerisms and sometimes lack of technical abilities, the main character certainly reminds me of my own Nan.

I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes a crime novel and enjoys a bit of comedy. It’s an easy and light hearted read that I really enjoyed and would read again!

Happy reading!

Meg x

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