Review of ‘The Dead Daughter’ by Thomas Fincham

The following review will be live on my Reedsy Discovery account on the 18th of February! This is a sneak peek…feel free to check it out again when it goes live to support the author!

This book takes the reader through the investigation of the murder of Kyla Gardener, a murder that the victims father has been arrested for. The author explores the investigation from different points of view, including the work of the police, repercussions involving family and the work of private investigator Lee Callaway. The author follows, in depth, the different responses of characters to the murder and the subsequent investigations that lead to secrets being discovered. An overall excellent book that is action packed from beginning to end!

The book began with the main plot line, the murder of Kyla Gardener and then continued with the investigation of what had happened, and if, in fact, her father had committed the act as the initial police evidence suggests. I really liked the way that the author set out the investigation, the way that the book was written reminded me of the plot outlines of detective shows (I mean this in the most positive way possible). By not focusing on one main character or point of view, the author has really allowed readers to gather a full understanding of what is happening and the repercussions of the initial plot line.

I really enjoyed reading this. The short chapters made me want to continue reading for hours just to find out what was going to happen next! The development of the character of Lee Callaway was also really fascinating. A private investigator who has made some questionable life choices that mean a reader probably should dislike him, however the author presents him in a way that means he has to be empathised with and liked. The actions of Lee Callaway are admirable throughout the text and it’s his investigation that really opens up the way in which the plot develops and offers some really interesting and shocking finds that are crucial to the text. 

I really enjoyed reading this and would recommend this book to any crime fanatics or anyone who enjoys a good detective series!

Happy reading!

Meg x

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