Review of ‘Windfall: A Henry Lysyk mystery’ by Byron TD Smith

This review is a request from a Canadian debut author, Byron TD Smith. His book ‘Windfall: A Henry Lysyk mystery’ is available via Amazon both as an e-book and paperback. I’m always thoroughly grateful to receive review requests and am pleased to review any type of book from new and upcoming authors, please feel free to contact me via email (found on the ‘contact’ page) for any requests you may have!

I read this text as an e-book and really enjoyed it from start to finish! The book is based around Henry Lysyk, a recently divorced man who has also lost his job as an accountant as a result of scandal. Henry finds himself in the middle of a fifty year old mystery as his niece, Frieda, drags him into unusual circumstances as a result of her devious personality.

The book opens full of suspense and mystery, I really like texts that draw you in from the beginning rather than slow burning books! The sense of mystery continues throughout and leaves the reader having to investigate alongside the main characters. The way in which the author writes, switching between past and present tense and the use of different perspectives really offers a well rounded version of the events that take place.

Alongside the ‘mystery’ side of the text, I found myself invested in the story of the main character. The characterisation of Henry is fascinating and the incorporation of a kind of love story really adds another dimension to the text. I think this would make a great series, based on the character of Henry alone and really can’t wait to read any future books!

Give this book a go and support a new author!

Happy reading!

Meg x

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