Trips to Padstow (Cornwall)

Ever since I was tiny, me and my family (and friends) have been on holidays to the town of Padstow, located in North Cornwall. It’s a gorgeous little fishing port and you may know it through it’s association with the chef Rick Stein. It’s one of my absolute favourite places to go, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite memories and photos!

Padstow harbour at night

There are so many lovely pubs and restaurants in and around the town itself, including some owned by Rick Stein and Paul Ainsworth. I’ve had so many lovely meals from different places, but you definitely can’t go without having fish and chips from Rick Steins!

As well as the delicious food, there are tonnes of lovely beaches. Every time we go on holiday to Padstow, we always visit Trevone beach (no matter the weather!). It’s a lovely little beach and is surrounded by hills and paths that you could walk for miles and miles!

It’s probably one of my favourite places to visit and although I’ve probably been to most places and done most things in and around the town itself, I’d always go back! I think all of the memories I’ve created with the people I love will always make Padstow a special place for me, that and the amazing views that can be found in the town itself and in those around it! There’s just so much to do and see!

Comment below your favourite place to visit! I’d love to have some travel ideas for when the world opens back up!

Meg x

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