‘Happy’ by Fearne Cotton

As it’s blue Monday, I thought I’d talk about a different kind of book today. This isn’t a review, just a few thoughts I’ve had whilst reading this book. It’s not a work of fiction, it’s more of a self- help book, the first of this type that I’ve read. It can be read chapter by chapter, or dipped in and out of as needed. I’ve been reading this over the past few days and it’s really made me take a new perspective on things.

The book explores different ways of allowing yourself to be happy, whether this be living in the present, being kind to yourself or finding different techniques to deal with the stresses of every day life. It’s a really interesting book and Fearne Cotton explores her own emotions in a way that feels as though you are having a conversation with a friend. She bravely explores her own struggles with anxiety and depression and really opens up a conversation that I think is important for everyone to have.

The little activities that are dotted throughout, as well as the different interviews, really allow the reader to engage with the subjects that the text is talking about. It’s almost like a kind of journal. One of my close friends is also reading this book and she has decided to highlight the parts that have most helped her, that way she can go back and find those parts when she’s feeling low. I think that’s a really good way of reading this and I plan on going back through and doing the same!

I’d recommend this book to anyone, regardless of mental health issues. Life can get stressful for everyone, especially with everything that’s going on in the world right now, and this book offers a fresh perspective that allows you to delve deeper into different ways of helping and being kind to yourself.

Happy reading

Meg x

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