Review of ‘milk and honey’ by Rupi Kaur

This is a text that was all over social media a couple of years ago, it’s a collection of poems written under four themes from ‘the hurting’ through to ‘the healing’.

Some of the poems in this may be uncomfortable to read for some, but I think that’s exactly why they need to be written and read. Rupi Kaur discusses a range of topics that encompass experiences and difficulties that different women face in their everyday lives, as well as taboo topics that others may be frightened to discuss. The topics that are discussed are both brutal and wonderful, and a range of different women are included throughout.

The poetry in this book is beautifully written, and some of the illustrations perfectly match their poetic counterparts. It’s a book that can be flipped through and still appreciated for the way in which the author conveys pure emotion in very few words.

I’ll include a few of my favourite poems just below but anyone interested in feminist pieces should definitely look into buying this. It includes so many raw, emotional and inspiring poems and is so easy and quick to read if long novels aren’t your cup of tea!

Happy reading!

Meg x

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