Review on ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’ by Harper Lee

I read this during my second year at University (can you see the theme appearing, I promise I do read outside of education!) as a part of the American South module that I studied. Now, whilst the themes that are studied are very prominent both in the time it was written and in today’s society, I did find this book hard to get in to during the first read. It is a brilliantly well written book but I found it a little bit slow to begin with. Saying this, I did find the ending of the novel very interesting and it’s well worth pursuing the book for its ending/lesson.

Although this wasn’t my favourite book, I know that some students in my class absolutely loved reading it. I suppose it is dependent upon what genre of book you’re most interested in reading as to whether you’ll enjoy it or not! However, I would suggest reading this as it’s a classic and does discuss some hard hitting issues that are prominent during the Black Lives Matter movement that is occurring today. The themes that are explored within the text are done so powerfully, and Harper Lee really explores how society has and can still judge people for their differences. By incorporating a child’s point of view within the text, the author allows the reader to observe the world from a more innocent and less warped perspective.

It’s a relatively short novel and is easy to read and understand, unlike some other texts of the period so I did like that about the book! It’s probably not a text that I’d pick up time and time again but Lee’s writing is timeless and a book with such prestige should definitely be on any literature lovers reading list!

Happy reading!

Meg x

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