Trip to Sherwood Pines

Last week (28/09/20) I went to Sherwood Pines and stayed in a log cabin, complete with a hot tub. It was such a lovely break and the forest setting was so relaxing, it really felt like the rest of the world didn’t matter for a while. I’d really recommend a stay in a log cabin for anyone who needs to unwind, it also made a really relaxing place to have a good read!

There are miles and miles of forest to explore and Sherwood Forest itself is very close by. There are many different quaint villages to explore around the area, but we spent most of our time walking and relaxing in the cabin.

We did have a visit to Sherwood Forest and had a walk up to the ‘Major Oak’ which is between 800 and 1000 years old and is rumoured to be where Robin Hood took shelter. It’s the biggest oak tree in Britain and is definitely worth a look at if you ever happen to visit Sherwood Forest!

I would definitely do one of these sorts of breaks again, there are cabins like this across the country that really make use of the beautiful settings that the UK has to offer.

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