Review on ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins

I borrowed this book from a work colleague when it first came out (hence the drawing rather than my usual picture) and literally read it over one weekend! As you may have already read, I love the work of Paula Hawkins, and this is one of my favourite books. If you’ve watched the film but not read the book I would really recommend giving this one a go, it’s so much better than the film (I know that’s something that everyone says about book/film adaptations but I guess that shows the power of a good book!).

Between this and ‘Into the Water’, although very close, ‘The Girl on the Train’ is my favourite. Again, Hawkins uses the same style of writing, using viewpoints from different characters throughout the story, helping to piece together the single mystery that the novel follows. I would say that this book is slightly easier to follow than the previous one that I reviewed. The mystery of the book, is not revealed until the end of novel and it, again, is not one that I would have guessed when initially reading it!

The psychological aspects of this book really grasped my attention, I honestly couldn’t put it down! Similarly to her other novel, there were many different suspects explored throughout, each having motives and characteristics to be the ‘bad guy’. Similarly to the work of Gillian Flynn, the plot twists that Hawkins weaves into her work are unexpected and admirable for how well they fit in to the overall plot.

For anyone who loves crime fiction novels as much as I do I would definitely recommend reading this as a book that will have you completely gripped and wanting to read more! I can definitely see why this was so popular when it was first released and I shall be trying to get my hands on my own copy to re-read soon!

Happy reading!

Meg x

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