Review on ‘Into the Water’ by Paula Hawkins

Most people may know Paula Hawkins from her novel ‘Girl on the Train’, which is an absolutely amazing book, but I think that ‘Into the Water’ is equally as mysterious and exciting to read. I had to buy this novel as soon as it came out, after reading ‘Girl on the Train’!

It’s a similar ‘who dun’ it’ type novel, with the mysterious death of Nel Abbot being investigated. The novel is written using diary entries, from the points of view of numerous characters, from different times over a period of deaths that occur at the ‘drowning pool’. Although Nel’s death is the main one that is investigated, there are lots of other deaths that are brought to light within the novel, adding several layers to the story. Although I thought the layout of the book allowed the reader to gain a vast insight into the mystery surrounding the suicides of the town, I did think it was occasionally difficult to follow. The text changes tense and characters often and it’s easy to loose track and forget whose point of view you are reading from, I had to go back to the beginning of chapters a few times to double check!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! I didn’t think it was as good as ‘The Girl on The Train’ but it was an excellent book either way. I didn’t expect the ending and as soon as I finished the book I wished there was a second one that I could read in order to find out more! Definitely one to read for any fans of crime fiction/mystery novels!

Happy reading!

Meg x

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